How do seed survival and Vanilla realms differ from each other?

Minecraft survival servers are wonderful options to play favorite Minecraft games. By joining these servers, you can find various games and kill your spare time without getting bored. There is a wide range of servers available, each with its own IP, requirement, and games. So, if you are hunting for great speed servers, we have mentioned two high-end servers here. The US-based, fast connecting servers have features that make the best gaming companion. These two are Seed survival and Vanilla realms.

You can join any of them with confidence as both are reliable and fast. Both have almost the same features, and there exists a slight difference. If you are interested in joining these  Minecraft survival servers, you should know about their features. Let’s, have a glance at each of them one by one.

Seed Server

One of the best Minecraft survivals servers that most gamers choose is the Seed. The plus point about this server is that it offers numerous custom-coded features. The simple yet the community-friendly server is truly for Minecraft enthusiasts. The key features of this server are highlighted below.

Server IP

To join this server, you should know about the IP address, that is You can check more information on the server page also.

Steps to Join the Seed Server

To join the Seed Minecraft server, you have to follow a few simple steps and become part in a few minutes. The steps are

  • On the server page, click on launcher and tap on the play button
  • Then click on Multiplayer present at the menu.
  • Tap on “Add server” and add the IP address
  • Click done

Here you go! Now you have joined one of the reliable Minecraft survival servers and enjoy your favorite games.

Version supported by the Seed.

To play Minecraft on this server, you need version1.17 or older.

Gamemodes Available

You can play Economy, Vanilla, Hardcore, MCMMO, PvE, and Survival. There are so many more available that you can explore after joining the Seed Survival server.

Features of Vanilla

The vanilla realms server is also one of the simple  Minecraft survival servers with different features and supports crafting, surviving, and building. The adventurous platform is best for having fun during free time.

Server IP address

The IP address for this server is Add this address to join the server to have full entertainment by playing Minecraft.

Supported Version

The one difference between the Seed survival and Vanilla realms is that the former is compatible with the 1.17 version, while for the latter, you need the 1.18 version to run the game smoothly.

Gamemode for Vanilla Realms

In the Vanilla Realms server, you can play PvE, Vanilla, Survival, Economic, and PvP.


Playing Minecraft through the best Minecraft Survival Servers is super easy. Once you join, you quickly access the game you want to play. You can play online, build your team, and craft to chase to the next level through these servers. Thus, the user-friendly and straightforward servers are ideal for Minecraft players. So, if you are crazy about this game, join any of the servers and let your free time be a wonderful time.

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