How to join the JartexNetwork Minecraft server?

JartexNetwork is known as one of the best Minecraft servers. If you are fond of playing the games and want to connect with experts in this game arena, you can join this one of the ideal Minecraft servers. If you are willing to find this superb platform to enjoy your game, then you should know the process for joining this server.

Before you join this incredible Minecraft server, you should keep in mind that the JartexNetwork works with the PC version of Minecraft. It allows the cracked Minecraft versions so that you can join it without any premium account.

Steps to join JartexNetwork

To join this best Minecraft server, you can follow the steps given below

  • First, open the Minecraft application on your computer, and you will see the screen with a play option. Along with skin, installments, and patch notes on top of the image.
  • You have to click on the play button present in the center of the screen. It will stat be loading the game. Once it finishes the loading process, you will find different tabs. These include single-player, multiplayer, and options.
  • You have to click on the Multiplayer. After doing so, you will be taken to the next screen, where you will get numerous options. Join server, direct connect, edit, delete, refresh, add a server and cancel. You have to click on the “Add server” and then add the server’s name and server IP address. Click on done to complete the process.

The IP server address you will write on the box is In this way, you will be able to join the Minecraft server and can connect to different players. After that, you will be having JartexNetwork in your favorite and best Minecraft servers.

Steps after joining the server

Once you join the server, you have to proceed with further steps as this is one of the cracked  Minecraft servers, so you need to create an account in the game. So, you get registered and enter login plus password when you come to the server.

When you join the server, you will receive the message for registration. Add the strong password in the box.

Enter the password to reconnect the server and get ready to play your favorite mine craft game on this best Minecraft server.

Things to Consider After Joining the Server

After joining this reliable  Minecraft server, you have to focus on a few things. If someone doesn’t follow the rules, he may have to pay the penalty or bear the punishment. One punishment is the warning points. These indicate that you are banned for a total of 15 points. After completing these points, you may get a suspension for one month from the server.

 After you are suspended, your access to the server will be limited. You will not allow being involved with members of the community. You can appeal for suspension. The server admin handles the punishment according to the rules. Usually, these are soft punishments, but in case of severe misbehaving or breaking of regulations, the member has to bear suspension. Thus, the member needs to stay under the margin of rules.

Final Verdict

Joining the Jartex Minecraft server is very easy, and you will enjoy a lot of games here. But if you want to stay in this one of the reliable and best Minecraft servers, the following rules and regulations are set by the admin of JartexNetwork.

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