Lesley – A Viable Marksman in MLBB patch 1.6.42

Lesley is a marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who isn’t seen in competitive play very often. Lesley’s popularity dwindled as  Yi Sun-Shin, Beatrix, and Clint fell to prominence.

On Lesley MLBB patch 1.6.42, however, the marksman hero has received a game-changing buff that increases her damage.

Below are how GG Using Lesley in Mobile Legends

Build Best Item

Lesley, like the other Marksman heroes, has high damage stats. As a result, you should concentrate your build items on burstdamage so that you can easily kill enemies. Turn it off, especially if it’s combined with a skill-skill combination.

Haas Claw, Swift Boots, Berseker’s Fury, Scarlett Phantom, Malefic Roar, and Blade of Despair were all on Lesley’s set. The Haas Claw is the most important item because it increases your HP when attacking the enemy. Let’s gain more clout by transforming into Berserker’s Fury so that blood can regenerate when we’re attacked.

Jungling Soon

Lesley’s damage is below average when compared to other Marksman heroes, despite her high damage and attack speed. As a result, lo recommended jungling first in order to better balance other heroes and to do so much faster. Kill the smaller monsters first, then move on to the bigger ones like Reaper. Take advantage of skill 1 (Master of Camouflage), which can boost movement speed and damage. Remember to choose the battle spell Retribution so that lo can easily defeat Jungle Creep.

Diligent Shoot and Hide

The most important thing to remember when using Lesley is to be vigilant in attacking the enemy or Creep. Why? Because Lesley baseball has the energy setup, also known as the regen system, which is the same as that of another Assassin hero, Fanny. Lesley will gain 5 energy from each attack thanks to his passive skills (Lethal Shoot). As a result, the faster the enemy regens mana, the better.

Lo is obligated to know that Lesley’s passive skill can increase the range of fire and attack in addition to regenerating energy. If you go five seconds without being attacked, this effect will kick in. To make the effect work properly, you must dhide in the trees and shrubs while looking for baseball.

Do not Doubt Skill 1

Baseball’s success does not imply that you can use any skill you want. As previously stated, you must be cautious of enemies who regenerate / energy quickly. Lesley, you see, lo will need very active skill-skills in order to attack effectively during a war.

Sadly, if the enemy uses skill crowd control or is attacked by enemies, the plan to fade lo will fail. When compared to Karrie, Knockbackskill effect 2 isn’t far behind. If you’re afraid of dying, remember to use the battle spell Flicker, which allows you to run faster.

Position Determining Achievement

Lesley, as a combined role of  Assassin and Marksman, must be vigilant in both shooting and hiding for maximum effectiveness. When using Lesley, lo is guaranteed to be GG WP if lo is very tactical when attacking, especially when lo is using the Ulti skill.

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